Before we know it, these lazy days of summer will be behind us.  Did you let the child in you go out and play this summer?

Many of us take some time to break away from the hum drum of daily life.  Were you one of the lucky ones to get away this summer?  One of my favorite weeks of the year is our annual family vacation down the shore. Driving over the causeway, smelling the ocean air, anticipating the sand in my toes, releases all of the year’s pent up stress.

One gorgeous morning, with my beach chair and my beach read, I headed to the warm, sandy shore and assumed my position.  Shortly after I set myself up, a family with young children set up camp not far from me.  It wasn’t long before the children, being children, started their fun filled day.  Much to my dismay, these children were loudly laughing, running, jumping and having fun.  At first, I felt annoyed – they were interrupting my quiet solitude at the beach!!  Why did they have to set up so close to me?  There was an entire expanse of beach to choose from!  Annoyed, I begrudgingly put down my book and closed my eyes to try and block out their constant cackle.  What happened next amazed me.  I began to honestly listen to the sounds around me – the ocean waves hitting the shore, the seagulls calling to other gulls, the children playing.  And then it hit me!  These children were having real, honest to goodness F-U-N!  Theirs were cheers of joy, laughter, silly yelling, running, jumping, true joie de vivre.  As soon as I realized this, and chose to go from being annoyed to being amazed, my entire experience changed.  Nothing had changed around me except my thoughts and feelings about the situation.   I actually opened my eyes and thoroughly enjoyed watching the boisterous children having fun.   And a few times, I actually caught myself smiling.

Tapping into our inner child and rediscovering our childlike persona reconnects us to that carefree, untroubled feeling we had as children.  Every part of our being becomes lighter and happier.  And isn’t that the purpose of disconnecting from the every day?  Before these lazy days of summer come to an end, get out there and do something to release your inner child.  Feel the happiness within you and watch your world light up through the magic of play!